Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

City Partner is a Business partner with Fashion TV. He has 360-degree non-exclusive rights to sell our business offerings in their city. He comes in contract with us for 3 years. The agreement is renewable after 3 years. The agreement is renewed on 2 conditions, i.e., whether the City Partner wants to continue. If he is willing to continue, we will evaluate the performance of the city partner and give a go-ahead.

Fashion TV is right now conducting business from Mumbai. City Partner was introduced to have a presence all around India. We from Mumbai need to be made aware of the know-how of another city. Thus, we are looking for well-established and well-versed partners in the City. As the particular partner knows about the City, he would be the perfect person to conduct business there.

1. An individual with good knowledge about the city and can contribute same to FTV. 2. An individual who knows how the business works. 3. An individual whom the brand can rely on and trust on.

The city partner's calculated profits and commissions are credited on or before the 7th of the month.

The minimum investment starts from Rs.5 Lacs + GST to 15 lacs + GST.

Other expenses may include marketing (digital and traditional) for the city, Office Space, and Office Staff if required by the City Partner. Other investments depend upon the City Partner. If he wants to invest in Marketing, Office Space, Office staff, etc., it is decided and beared by the City Partner.

Two sources of earnings happen when the business is being closed. a) Profit-Sharing Business: On Every deal closed by the City Partner, they earn a profit of 10% of the Franchise Fee. b) Ancillary Business: The other businesses that come along while starting a business are ancillary businesses. They include Architect fees, Interior Designing, Contractor, and Vendor Management.

The city partner does not require a separate workspace for conducting the business. If the City Partner wants, he can take upon a working space at his own will. Fashion TV will train the staff.

The City Partner gets marketing assistance from the Fashion TV. But the cost of marketing is to be borne by the City Partner. We provide marketing as per the budget of the city partner. The city partner can conduct offline marketing in the city. The online marketing is to be undertaken by Fashion TV only.

The City Partner gets to associate with the largest fashion brand. He receives an official Email, Phone Number, Certificate of Business Execution, and a Visiting Card in their Welcome kit.
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