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FashionTV is the fourth most distributed channel in the world with 250 cable satellites, 500 million households, 7 million in public places, and 10 million public TV sets in public places.

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The City Partnership business has the highest chance of getting success because the brands have already reached and proved themselves successful in the market and have a loyal customer base. So, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on marketing, advertising, and digital branding.



Commencing in May 2020, over the year FashionTV has 50+ City Partners across India until the Financial year of 2021.

Our City Partners have had booming business opportunities in several business fields of Franchise, Media, License, Events, and Concepts.

Over the Financial year of 2021-2022, we aim to target and cross 150+ City Business partners across the country & aim to close 200+ City Business Partners by the Financial year of 2023 so on.

We aim to set up an internal team of 100+ employees to support our ever-growing City Business